Penny black stamp value

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. First issued in Britain on May 1,Penny Blacks feature a distinctive black face and a profile of Queen Victoria. Penny Blacks were printed on an un-perforated sheet and cut by hand. In total, more than 68 million Penny Blacks were issued between andwhen they were succeeded by Penny Reds — which were thought to be harder to counterfeit.

Because of this, there is no shortage of Penny Black stamps for sale at a variety of price points, making it an excellent first purchase for anyone serious about historic philately.

Penny Black Stamps

Penny Blacks are fairly abundant, and collecting them has become a popular hobby in its own right. Each of the 12 plates produced stamps at a time, meaning there are possible combinations of plates and check letters. It is not uncommon to focus your collection on a single plate, or by cancellation, by date, or in blocks, pairs or multiples.

Simply having one in good condition is an important achievement for anyone curious about this area of postage history.

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No matter where you are in your collection, Apfelbaum, Inc. Other than its condition, there are other factors that can affect the value of a Penny Black. These include:.

Apfelbaum makes it easy to buy Penny Blacks. We have been serving the philatelic community since In that time, we have built a reputation for honesty, integrity and superior customer service. Let us help you grow your collection of Penny Blacks by shopping online today — you can also contact us directly for appraisals or any other questions or concerns. Penny Black Stamps. Shop Penny Black Stamps Now!Famed for its fine engraving and timeless simplicity, this beautiful stamp has an intriguing philatelic history.

In the s, British postal rates were high and the charges were complex to understand. Usually, the recipient paid for postage upon delivery, with the charge determined by weight and distance travelled. To make matters easier for the Post Office and public, Sir Rowland Hill proposed using an adhesive stamp to indicate postage had been pre-paid.

Most valuable Australian stamps

Although he put forward his idea init was not until three years later on 1 May that the Penny Black was first issued in Great Britain - even though it was not valid for use until 6 May. Featuring a profile of Queen Victoria, the Penny Black was the world's first adhesive postage stamp to be used in a public postal system. This historic stamp allowed people to send letters weighing up to half an ounce 14g to be delivered for the flat rate of one penny, regardless of the distance travelled.

This VR 4 margined single is enhanced by the marginal inscription. Its background was made up of finely-engraved engine turnings.

Its upper left and right corners featured two star-like designs, with the lower left and right corners containing letters, which helped to designate the position of the stamp in relation to the sheet on which it was printed see below. It was printed in sheets of by Perkins Bacon. Interestingly, the image of Queen Victoria which was used on Penny Black was based on a sketch of her aged However, it was to remain on stamps for the entirety of her reign - which lasted almost 64 years until she died at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, on 22 January With more than 68 million produced during a one-year print run, the Penny Black is not exactly a rare stamp.

Most experienced stamp collectors are aware of this, but it is often something of a surprise to the uninitiated. A total ofsheets — containing 68, stamps — were made available and around 1. Consequently, the stamp and the address could be found on the obverse of a letter, which was folded and sealed with wax after being written. Blocks of Penny Blacks are very rare and strips are also scarce. The most desirable Penny Black for a collector would probably be one posted on 6 May — a first day cover of distinction.

However, all Penny Blacks posted with a May date are extremely collectable, particularly those with Sunday dates 10, 17, 24 and If you have an interest in investing in stamps, then make sure you are aware of what is on offer from Australia. There have been some outstanding sales at auction in recent years, and savvy collectors have been making small fortunes.

As a former British colony, there is a lot of history to Australian stamps, despite the relatively young age of the country. We have decided to put together a list of the top ten rare Australian stamps to look out for, so read on to find out more.

As is often the case with stamps, mistakes seem to pay off for collectors. The best example is the Inverted Black Swan. At the last count, there are only 15 of these Inverted Black Swan stamps left in existence, and they are worth a small fortune.

They are amongst the rarest stamps in the world, and each of them is currently in the hands of keen collectors. Not bad for a stamp that cost two pence halfpenny when it first came onto the scene!

The design is in blue — although the print run included several other colors.

penny black stamp value

This shows that stamps can be a big pull for collectors willing to spend big to boost their collections. The Queen Victoria Australian stamp is from — only fifteen of them came off the press. Again, this is due to a mistake by the printers, as there are visible creases and various imperfections along the edges.

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As you can imagine, the rarity of these stamps makes them an attractive proposition for collectors. The Penny Red is one of the most collectable Australian stamps in existence, and they are as common as dirt.

Penny Black Stamps

More than a billion of them came off the presses early last century, and they are one of the first stamps that world collectors get their hands on. But, a flawed version appeared back in on eBay, available for 99 cents.

This particular Penny Red had a strange watermark that many collectors believed were a fake. He took the Penny Red to a stamp fair in Scotland, where he found out it might be worth a lot more than 99 cents.

The good news for collectors is that there is, possibly, more of these stamps in existence.The sale was arranged by London-based dealers Stanley Gibbons, which said the Plate 77 Penny Red is one of only five used examples known to the world of philately — another of which is held in the British Museum.

Plate 77 Penny Reds, which date fromare viewed by collectors and investors as the holy grail of philately because Plate 77 stamps were not meant to exist. The stamps were created but never sold by post offices after they were not considered to be of good enough quality.

The original printing plate was destroyed, but a tiny handful made their way into circulation. As a result they are highly prized by collectors — far more so than the fabled Penny Black beloved of school children. It is testament to the strength of the market for rare stamps that we have managed to sell not just one, but two Plate 77 Penny Reds in the last four years. Heddle said this latest stamp has been bought by an anonymous British buyer, who he said was both a collector and someone who expected an investment return on the item.

Heddle said its higher price reflected the fact that it was in significantly better condition. The stamp is thought to be the only one in the world. It was one of three created by a local postmaster whose expected delivery of stamps had been delayed by storms, forcing him to ask local printers to produce an emergency issue.

Stanley Gibbons said despite the huge volatility seen in financial markets since the turn of the year, the market for rare stamps and coins remained resilient. However, collectors say that prices for mid-range stamps have fallen, hit by a general decline in philately as a hobby. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Alternative investments.

Stamps Design Investments Collecting news. Reuse this content. Most popular.The Penny Black was the world's first adhesive postage stamp used in a public postal system. It was first issued in the United Kingdom referred to in philatelic circles as Great Britainon 1 Maybut was not valid for use until 6 May. The stamp features a profile of Queen Victoria.

InBritish postal rates were high, complex and anomalous.

penny black stamp value

To simplify matters, Sir Rowland Hill proposed an adhesive stamp to indicate pre-payment of postage. On 13 FebruarySir Rowland Hill proposed to a government enquiry both the idea of a pre-paid stamp and a pre-paid envelopea separate sheet folded to form an enclosure for carrying letters. There were some 2, entries, but none was considered suitable; instead a rough design endorsed by Hill was chosen, featuring an easily recognisable profile of the former Princess Victoria.

Hill believed this would be difficult to forge. An envelope bearing a reproduction of a design created by the artist William Mulready was also issued. The portrait of Victoria was engraved by Charles Heath and his son Frederick, based on a sketch provided by Henry Corbould. Corbould's sketch was in turn based on the cameo -like head by William Wyonwhich was used on a medal to commemorate the Queen's visit to the City of London in All British stamps still bear a portrait or silhouette of the monarch somewhere on the design.

The first stamps did not need to show the issuing country, so no country name was included on them. The UK remains the only country in the world to omit its name on postage stamps; the monarch's image signifies the UK as the country of origin.

The background to the portrait consists of finely engraved engine turnings. The two upper corners hold Maltese crosses with radiant solar discs at their centres; the lower corner letters show the position of the stamp in the printed sheet, from "A A" at top left to "T L" at bottom right.

The sheets, printed by Perkins Baconconsisted of stamps in 20 rows of 12 columns. One full sheet cost pence or one pound; one row of 12 stamps cost a shilling. As the name suggests, the stamp was printed in black ink. Although the stamps were not officially issued for sale until 6 Maysome offices such as those in Bath sold the stamps unofficially before that date. There are covers postmarked 2 May, and a single example is known on cover dated 1 May The Penny Black lasted less than a year.

A red cancellation was hard to see on the black design and the red ink was easy to remove; both made it possible to re-use cancelled stamps. In Februarythe Treasury switched to the Penny Red and began using black ink for cancellations instead, which was more effective and harder to remove. However, people still reused stamps by combining the uncancelled parts of two stamps to form an unused whole, so in as a further safeguard the top corner stars on the Penny Red were replaced by the lower corner check letters in reverse order.

Imprimatur sheets are from among the first sheets of stamps printed from a finished printing plate. The actual imprimatur Let it be printed refers to the written permission of the Inland Revenue officials entered on the back of the sheet of stamps.

In the 19th century, it was common for officials to remove some stamps from each sheet to present as gifts to dignitaries and other important people. Individual stamps from an Imprimatur sheet can thus be found for sale on the open market.

The Penny Black was printed from 11 plates, but as Plate 1 was completely overhauled due to excessive wear, it is generally considered to be two separate plates, 1a and 1b. Plate 11 was originally intended solely for the printing of new red stamps, but a small number were printed in black. These are scarce. The stamps were printed in unperforated sheets, to be carefully cut with scissors for sale and use.The idea of an adhesive stamp indicates that a letter has been paid. On May 1, the British postal service sold the first Penny Blacks, and continued to issue the stamps until The stamp cost 1 pence and was darkly colored, hence the name Penny Black.

Collectables: The Penny Black Stamp

Nowadays, it is considered as one of the rarest British stamp. It was widely issued in United Kingdom. All London posts offices received the new official stamps but other offices in the country did not.

One of the offices like Bath offered the stamp unofficially after May 2. The word one penny indicates the amount of transmission in which it was affixed on the envelope. The background of the stamp consists of finely engrave engine turnings. The two upper corners contained two star-like designs and the lower corners contained letters designating the position of the stamp it was printed. The sheets were printed by Perkins Bacon. The imperforate Penny Black stamp were printed in sheets of with 12 stamps across and 20 stamps down and had to be individually cut by hand.

As the name suggests, the stamp was printed in black ink. The Penny Black was used only for a year. It was found out that red cancellation was hard to see on a black background and the red ink is easy to remove.

It was easier to see a black canceling on a Penny Red. Hence, it is not a very rare stamp. The Penny Red was issued in 21st of January It was the successor of Penny Black stamp. There were 10, sheets of Penny red stamp printed and issued to the public a month later. There were only minor changes on the stamp.

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The color was change from black to red because of the difficulty in seeing the red cancellation mark on the Penny Black. The world's second official adhesive stamp was the Two Penny Blue or 2d blue. It was also issued in May by the United Kingdom. It was more or less the same as the Penny Black.

It was planned that 2d blue stamp will be released together with Penny Black. However, the earliest post mark seen on a Two Penny Blue was on May 8, which is two days after the Penny Black was released.

This small rectangular stamp developed a new system of processing and delivering mails. It includes transferring parcels, special delivery, air mail, bulk mail and various other options. Sending letters with uniform price made communication possible by all means.

The combination of uniform prices, new transportation methods, and more efficient postal system indicates that postal services were low enough that almost everyone could afford to write a letter. Penny Black stamps were printed from 11 plates.

penny black stamp value

Unfortunately, plate 1 needed a thorough investigation for repair due to excessive wear. It was generally considered as two separate plates, 1a and 1b.

Plate 11 was solely intended for the new red stamps but a small number were printed in black. These stamps printed with black Plate 11 are very rare. The stamps were printed in unperforated sheets.If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? What evidence does Coutu use to support her claim that improvisation requires resilience.

A lady introduce her husband's name with saying by which can stop or move train what is that name. All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Stamp Collecting Philately. Wiki User A penny black anniversary stamp can be worth five dollars or more.

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The specific price will vary depending on the rarity of the stamp on the time of sale and condition. The One Penny Black cost one penny. Anyone could go to the post office and buy a stamp. Asked in Stamp Collecting Philately Who is on the penny black stamp? It was black It cost a penny It was quickly replaced with the Penny Red. Asked in Stamp Collecting Philately What is a penny black? The British Penny Black stamp was was the first ever postage stamp.

It was issued on May 6, It is the first ever postage stamp, produced in England in It cost 1 penny and was black. Asked in Stamp Collecting Philately What year was the penny black stamp?

penny black stamp value

The Penny Black stamp was issued by Great Britain in It was a silhouette of Queen Victoria in Black ink. It was named the One Penny Black because it was one cent. Asked in Stamp Collecting Philately When the penny black was invented? It was first issued on May 6, Asked in Stamp Collecting Philately Who will have the the black penny stamp? The One Penny Black is the first stamp created. Most dealers will have them for sale.


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